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Fourth International Workshop on Remote Sensing Held at Cambridge University

4th remote sensing workshop group photo

Over 25 attended the fourth workshop in the series, held at Cambridge University.

Over 25 remote sensing and GIS researchers and industry practitioners from around the world gathered at historic Cambridge University in England on September 25-26, 2006 for the Fourth International Workshop on Remote Sensing for Disaster Response. Hosted by Professor Robin Spence, a fellow of Magdalene College, Cambridge, the workshop was fourth in a series that began in 2003.

During the two-day event opened by keynote speaker Ray Williamson, Professor of Space Policy at George Washington, University, workshop attendees presented cutting-edge research on the use of satellite and aerial technologies for post-disaster damage response and recovery, and building inventory development. Sessions included SAR-based techniques for disaster monitoring, multi-peril applications using advanced technologies, optically-based techniques for disaster management, multi-sensor techniques for disaster monitoring, disaster management: integrating in-field deployment, implementation of advanced technology for disaster management and research to operational implementation: next steps for remote sensing technologies. Presentations spanned multiple-disaster types, including response to storm surge, gas explosion, earthquake, flood and tsunami, with case study events ranging from Hurricane Katrina to the Bam earthquake and the Indian Ocean tsunami. Papers and presentations are available from Cambridge.

Participants were also treated to some highlights of Cambridge living, including dining at an old-fashioned English pub, punting on the River Cam, and a famous British curry. The event was sponsored by the MCEER Remote Sensing Institute, EERI, the University of California at Irvine, the University of Memphis, The Martin Center at Cambridge University, and ImageCat, Inc..

The Fifth International Workshop will be held in Washington D.C., September 10-12, 2007. The MCEER Remote Sensing Institute will sponsor the event and it will be hosted by Ray Williamson of George Washington University. Contact or for details. Past workshops have been held in Irvine (2003) and Newport Beach (2004), California and Chiba, Japan (2005). Proceedings from the first three workshops are available on CD-ROM.