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Past News Stories: 2006

A City in Ruins: The Earthquake & Fires of 1906

This exhibit, curated by the staff of MCEER’s Information Service, commemorated the centennial of the 1906 San Francisco earthquake and subsequent fires that destroyed the West Coast's most populous city and leading economic and cultural center. The exhibit was on display at Lockwood Library through the summer. Bulletin article

6.3M Earthquake in Indonesia

A 6.3M earthquake occurred on Java, Indonesia on May 26, 2006. MCEER's EarthQuake Information NETwork (EQNET) website has links to preliminary reports, news releases, relief agencies and photo galleries for the Java quake and other significant disaster events. Preliminary reports (USGS) suggest that the event killed at least 4,500 people, injured 1,800 and damaged many buildings in the Bantul-Yogyakarta area.

MCEER Response to Hurricane Katrina

Preliminary reports by MCEER investigators on buildings and bridges; the use of satellite imaging technology to survey wide-spread damage; emergency response decision-making at hospitals, transportation agencies and utilities; and Katrina’s impacts on water delivery, wastewater management, and community health and hygiene are available from the MCEER website. In all, the center dispatched three sets of teams between September 6 and October 22. Full length reports are in preparation. Preliminary Reports are available, as is more about the November 2 Seminar.

MCEER Hurricane Katrina Investigations Earn Cover Story in Structural Engineer Magazine

The February 2006 issue of Structural Engineer magazine features a cover story written by Gilberto Mosqueda (University at Buffalo) and Keith Porter (California Institute of Technology), two members of MCEER’s Post-Hurricane Katrina Reconnaissance Team. In the article entitled “Preliminary Conclusions: Assessing damage to engineering buildings in the wake of Hurricane Katrina,” (external link) Mosqueda and Porter present preliminary findings from their September and October 2005 field mission to Mississippi and New Orleans, where they investigated damage to engineered buildings in the wake of the storm.

2006 Seminar Series Events